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We were working on our next rock album when Medella found out that I had worked for years with Joe Germanotta, whose daughter Stephanie grew up to become Lady Gaga"

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Omnesia chosen for radio play in Goa and Mumbai, India AIR FM 105.4 FM in Goa and MUST FM 107.8 FM in Mumbai

Our new release of Gary Numan's Are Friends Electric? is the number one ranked cover over on Coverium. Much thanks to our fans. Gary Numan's new albm is great, as was his recently completed tour.

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                    androgynous chameleon vocalist medella kingston
                   eclectic guitarist/ producer M2
                    = dark art electro-pop, where EDM, new wave and prog find common ground
                   omnesia is a sapiosexual sonic experience.

               "Your music reminds of a combo of Siouxsie and the Banshees
                and Dresden Dolls. It's beautifully layered, sweeping and sensual.
                Addictively haunting!" - Luscious Purr

        from a review of omnesia's album, painkiller:

 “What I wouldn’t give for a very fine day with you, where I laugh more than
       I’m used to”

       If the twisting, eccentric meldings of electro-pop melodies and deep, chugging
       techno bass lines swung beneath the cool, nurturing guidance of an Annie
       Lennox meets Ms. Kittin vocalist is the place you want to head to this Autumn,
       then Omnesia’s latest album “Painkiller” has got to be the finest prescription your
       House Doctor always kept locked away in his medical cabinet.
       -Mike White, MIKEWHITEPRESENTS, London

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