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vocalist medella kingston + eclectic guitarist/ producer M2 = auditory omakase, where electro-pop, new wave + future vintage rock find common ground

We are looking for album/song licensing opportunities, and pre-release review opportunities with blogs and media sites, digital and print.

Omnesia is fronted by the androgynous, provocative vocal

vocalist medella kingston + eclectic guitarist/ producer M2 = auditory omakase, where electro-pop, new wave + future vintage rock find common ground

We are looking for album/song licensing opportunities, and pre-release review opportunities with blogs and media sites, digital and print.

Omnesia is fronted by the androgynous, provocative vocal chameleon composer and lyricist Medella Kingston. Sonic wizard M2 provides the beats, synths and guitar. New Wave and the 80's inform our sound, but so does EDM, pop and art, rock and prog. Folks in England think we play House Music. We're a lot of different things all at once. Omnesia is the audio equivalent of chef's choice omakase, all sorts of different flavors to please the discerning auditory palate. So let's call it dark art dance pop meets future vintage rock...

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture, but we've been called the modern love child of Eurythmics, Dresden Dolls, Garbage, Blondie and Miss Kitten.

We're not the first band to sing about love, sex, gender and death, but we wear it well. We are energetic and entertaining. We aren't tethered in one place. We don't stare at the ground, we don't show up in jeans and t-shirts. We know people come to clubs to listen to music with their eyes. We never know what persona or gender or costume Medella's going to inhabit when we perform, but it's worth showing up to find out...

Medella Kingston: Vocals, songwriting, lyrics, music M2: music, songwriting, lyrics, guitar, synths, programming, recording, mixing and mastering Produced by M2 and M2 Musik Pub, Oakland, CA

Omnesia Guest Artists:

Phil Bennett, piano on System

Keyboardist Phil Bennett is a San Francisco Bay Area musician and performer, who blends a mixture of music styles and professional talent. His extensive knowledge of MIDI, sampling, computers, and synthesis allows him to create from a huge palate of sound technology. His musical experience and wide versatility make him shine as both a performer and a musician. Since 1995, he has been a keyboardist and vocalist for Starship (formally Jefferson Starship), featuring the incomparable singer Mickey Thomas.

Phil’s technical expertise allows him to comfortably perform on all the various types of keyboard instruments, from modern electronica to vintage electric pianos and Hammond organs. With his technical expertise with MIDI and computers, Phil bridges the gap between both platforms. Digital recording software and hardware are an integral part of his playing. Phil’s passion and love for music and his joy for the art of performance have been a key element in his playing. His extensive touring experience taught him that being a musician encompasses much more than just music. Aside from Starship, Phil also performs as keyboardist and vocalist with the concert series Super Singers of Rock and Voices of Classic Rock.

Stephen Goodwin: Electric Bass on These Boots Are Made For Walking, Sex Bot, Galaxy Girl

Perhaps best known for his work with the classic metal band Vicious Rumors, Stephen Paul Goodwin can be found in a plethora of situations and has been seen playing or recording with many known artists such as Terry Burell (Duke Ellington), Brad Gillis (Night Ranger/Ozzy), Eric Peterson (Testament), Omnesia, Steve Smyth (Nevermore, Dragonlord), Will Carol (Death Angel), Salar Nader (Gypsy Kings), Eric Barnett (Points North), Mick Mestec (Tower Of Power, Cold Blood), Green Jelly, Sticks (Four Tops, Temptations), & Phil Bennett (Starship). He has shared stages with the best in the business such as Black Sabbath, Dio, Nazareth, Uriah Heep, WAR, Hammerfall, Twisted Sister, WASP, Immortal, The Guess Who, Accept, etc et al. A graduate of Los Angeles Music Academy, Stephen lives and teaches in Oakland, CA

Robert John Tucker: Drums and album cover art. Drums on Sexbot, Sin, Boots, Running Up That Hill, Memories, Giant Giant, Galaxy Girl

Rob plays and records with: Omnesia Jason Newsted (Metallica) Chophouse Band, Wood and Steal Deborah Iyall - Romeo Void Thaddeus Gonzalez Felsen Sci-Fi

Favorite music: Frank Zappa, Clutch, Adrian Belew, The Budos Band Scorpion, Queens of the Stone Age

Favorite Drummers: Terry Bozzio, Elvin Jones, Keith Moon

Favorite food: Unagi

Favorite Beer: Death and Taxes, Moonlight Brewing Company

Favorite quote:

Favorite visual:artists Roy Lichtenstein, R Crumb, Robert Williams

Favorite Quote:

“I was halfway across America, at the dividing line between the East of my youth and the West of my future.” ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Mr, Tucker prefers: Gretsch drums Vater drumsticks Sabian cymbals

Michael Parykaza - horns

Mike relocated to the Bay Area (from the East Coast) in 2006. Current music residencies include his band Barbary Jazz, Conquistador Quartet (latin jazz), and the No Cover Cabaret (burlesque MC / music performer). Other projects include The Spellbreakers (swing & beyond), Taylor P. Collins blues band, Cunjunto Picante and Son 7 (salsa). Venues include Yoshi’s, Slim’s, Great American Music Hall, The Uptown, Elbo Room, Skylark Bar, Cliff House, Comstock Saloon The Ramp, Starlight Room, DNA Lounge, Angelica’s, Redwood City Blues Festival, Monterey Blues Festival, SOMO Sonoma Blues Festival. Café Cocomo, Reggae Rising, and Cigar Bar. Mike has over 20 years experience performing classical, jazz, popular, and other styles. He is an excellent sight reader, arranger, transcriber, and composer. He is proficient as a lead player, soloist, or section player. Instruments include trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals, valve trombone, and percussion. We are getting ready to release our new 14 track album “World On Fire” - where big beats and distorted guitars meet pulsing synths and electronic ear candy.

James Juhn - guitar on System

Jim is a brilliant guitarist equally at home in jazz, prog rock, hip-hop and any other genre you can think off. When he launches a guitar solo, he sounds like the love child of Allan Holdsworth, Robert Fripp, and Jimi Hendrix. He had many beers over the years with Holdsworth. He is also an amazing composer, producer, arranger, and recording engineer, and designs amazing guitars that take jazz to the next level. He also has great keyboard and bass chops He produced, recorded and played our first album and mentored M2 as a sound engineer, producer, musician, and human being. Jim Juhn started his musical journey in Cleveland, Ohio at the time he was old enough to reach the keys on the piano. Jim's first instrument was piano, learning to read music and basic theory in the 3rd and 4th grade. He was introduced to the electric guitar and amplification with reverb and tremolo He learned to play fairly well quickly , playing parties and dances under the band names "Freeway" "Welfare Limousine" "The Rooftop Jammers" " Bombers Moon" " Rapid Transit" and "Strange New Flesh", during his high school years ." During the last few years, Jim has done sessions as guitarist for many hip-hop artists. Jim worked with and wrote and recorded with the world famous late Rap Legend Mac Dre on his last album " Genie in the Lamp "...yep that's Jim on guitar live (not sampled )this album also featured B-Legit and DJ Harm. Jim also plays guitar and keys on bay area world beat r&b hip hop artist James Henry's solo album CDs, which also feature bassist Kai Ekhardt from {John Mcglaughlin Trio} and the West African Singers as well as many of the bay areas most talented R&B players. During the past several years Jim has also done a significant amount of recording and mastering for a number of bay area groups which would include Green House Effect "Total Sonic Fuzzdom", Fuzzplow, SpaceGrass, AGE of Aggression, the Houligans, Flair, Kehoe Nation, Jim Juhn Trio Live, Marc Paley, John Santos, the Catalyst as well as playing guitar and mastering the reggae group Jahmana "Speak No Evil" and others... You can hear Jim's hip-hop stunt guitar on Mac Dre's album "The Genie of the Lamp"

Greg Troyan, music, bass, guitar and drums on Live Each Day

Greg is a recent transplant to the Seattle Area after spending many decades in the East Bay. He has been playing bass for metal and punk projects for almost thirty years and taught himself to play by listening to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Metallica and NWOBHM bands.

He linked up with M2 who produced an EP for Greg's project Anklebolt ( and had a blast collaborating on the track Live Each Day for Omnesia's latest album World On Fire.

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