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Gun's (Everybody's Got One) --- Izzy M collaborates with Omnesia

9/30/21 Oakland, CA Press contact: Matthias Miller

Omnesia Collaborates with Izzy M. on School Shooting Gun Control Video - “Guns (Everybody’s Got One)” Learn more about 9 non-profit organizations making progress towards gun-control. Song available on all major stream platforms.

Omnesia has collaborated with Izzy M on a gun control music video “Guns (Everybody’s Got One)”. Written during the last year of the Trump Administration by Omnesia producer/guitarist and his teenaged daughter Izzy M, the video features southern rock, school shootings and the larger issue of responsible gun control. The video’s point of view is of a teenager who doesn’t feel safe going to school anymore. Omnesia was fortunate to be able to crowd-source the video collaboration with family, friends, parents and folks from all over that shared a commitment to this cause. 

Izzy M co-wrote the lyrics and sings lead, while Omnesia’s  guitarist and producer M2 was thrilled to sing harmony and work on this project with his daughter. “It was a real gift to be able to connect with Izzy creatively over an issue that's incredibly important to us both, an issue that affects the security and health of an entire country.” The two of them also assembled important statistics about school shootings and national gun violence and wove those into the video’s narrative.

Izzy M attended Oakland School of the Arts starting in the 6th grade and enjoys singing, musical theater, acting, directing and working with Oakland Animal Services to foster many kittens.

“It was so affirming to see how many people wanted to be a part of the video and help carry the message forward,” said Izzy M. “And I don’t understand how it can be so much easier to buy a gun in America  than to adopt an animal. 

“I couldn’t agree more,” said M2. “It’s absolutely ridiculous that in this country it is harder to register a drivable car, take Sudafed, buy fireworks, get birth control pills, buy a cell phone contract and adopt a kitten than the seven minutes it takes  to buy a weapon at a gun show. The lack of respect this country, and in particular, our politicians and government has for responsible gun ownership certainly baffles the rest of the world. It’s time to look at American gun violence and responsible gun ownership in the same way that we look at epidemics and risk mitigation.”

The video includes a call to action to learn more about nine non-profit organizations making progress towards gun control. The organizations can be found here:

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence 

Everytown for Gun Safety - 

The Brady Campaign -

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence -

Newtown Action Alliance - 

Violence Policy Center - 

Americans For Responsible Solutions  -

States United to Prevent Gun Violence

Stop Handgun Violence -

Guns (Everybody’s Got One) Written by Izzy M and M2

Performed by Omnesia

Vocals: Izzy M and M2

Bass: Tom Hofer

Drums, guitar, and all production: M2

Video produced and created by: Anthony Parker -

Music recorded, mixed and mastered by M2 @ M2 Musik Pub, Oakland, CA

Video actors include:

Lead actress: Kathyinframe -

Primary dancers: Elixirdots dance company from Nigeria -

Dancers: Chai, derlymodel, Yei Gomez

Actors: Omnesia’s Medella Kingston, Ege Sağun, Rahul Lakhina, Bello Abdulhamid Ademola,  M2, Tom Hofer, Joshua Brown, Viral Video, Brian Yosef Schachter-Brooks, and several anonymous

Animation: Maria Choudhry





October 4, 2018

Analog Ear Candy

For the new album out tomorrow, we recorded Medella’s vocals through a tube mic and into a vintage British Soundcraft Series board. Another board  just like this was used to record The Eurythmics album Sweet Dreams. It has that classic warm British EQ sound.

Hear her and this sweet gear on our new album World On Fire, which comes out Friday!

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Submitted a song off of our upcoming album to a college underground radio contest a few weeks ago. Just got this message:
"Congratulations, Your song ‘‘Candy'' has made it to the finals of the discover contest."


You can hear Candy on October 5th when the new album drops

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PRoducer and guitarist James JUHN plays guitar on World On Fire


Jim demoing an Ergotar guitar he designed at NAMM and blazing on a double-necked acoustic

September 21, 2018

We were fortunate enough to have stellar stunt guitarist James Juhn lay down tracks on "System" (along with keyboardist Phil Bennett of Starship)
Jim is a brilliant guitarist equally at home in jazz, prog rock, hip-hop and any other genre you can think off. When he launches a guitar solo, he sounds like the love child of Allan Holdsworth, Robert Fripp, and Jimi Hendrix. He had many beers over the years with Holdsworth. He is also an amazing composer, producer, arranger, and recording engineer, and designs amazing guitars that take jazz to the next level. He also has great keyboard and bass chops

He produced, recorded and played our first album and mentored M2 as a sound engineer, producer, musician, and human being.

Jim Juhn started his musical journey in Cleveland, Ohio at the time he was old enough to reach the keys on the piano. Jim's first instrument was piano, learning to read music and basic theory in the 3rd and 4th grade. He was introduced to the electric guitar and amplification with reverb and tremolo He learned to play fairly well quickly , playing parties and dances under the band names "Freeway" "Welfare Limousine" "The Rooftop Jammers" " Bombers Moon" " Rapid Transit" and "Strange New Flesh", during his high school years ."

During the last few years, Jim has done sessions as guitarist for many hip-hop artists. Jim worked with and wrote and recorded with the world famous late Rap Legend Mac Dre on his last album " Genie in the Lamp "...yep that's Jim on guitar live (not sampled )this album also featured B-Legit and DJ Harm.

Jim also plays guitar and keys on bay area world beat r&b hip hop artist James Henry's solo album CDs, which also feature bassist Kai Ekhardt from {John Mcglaughlin Trio} and the West African Singers as well as many of the bay areas most talented R&B players.

During the past several years Jim has also done a significant amount of recording and mastering for a number of bay area groups which would include Green House Effect "Total Sonic Fuzzdom", Fuzzplow, SpaceGrass, AGE of Aggression, the Houligans, Flair, Kehoe Nation, Jim Juhn Trio Live, Marc Paley, John Santos, the Catalyst as well as playing guitar and mastering the reggae group Jahmana "Speak No Evil" and others...

You can hear Jim's hip-hop stunt guitar on Mac Dre's album "The Genie of the Lamp"


BASSist stephen paul goodwin guests on 3 woRld On FiRe Tracks