October 4, 2018

Analog Ear Candy

For the new album out tomorrow, we recorded Medella’s vocals through a tube mic and into a vintage British Soundcraft Series board. Another board  just like this was used to record The Eurythmics album Sweet Dreams. It has that classic warm British EQ sound.

Hear her and this sweet gear on our new album World On Fire, which comes out Friday!

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Submitted a song off of our upcoming album to a college underground radio contest a few weeks ago. Just got this message:
"Congratulations, Your song ‘‘Candy'' has made it to the finals of the discover contest."


You can hear Candy on October 5th when the new album drops

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PRoducer and guitarist James JUHN plays guitar on World On Fire


Jim demoing an Ergotar guitar he designed at NAMM and blazing on a double-necked acoustic

September 21, 2018

We were fortunate enough to have stellar stunt guitarist James Juhn lay down tracks on "System" (along with keyboardist Phil Bennett of Starship)
Jim is a brilliant guitarist equally at home in jazz, prog rock, hip-hop and any other genre you can think off. When he launches a guitar solo, he sounds like the love child of Allan Holdsworth, Robert Fripp, and Jimi Hendrix. He had many beers over the years with Holdsworth. He is also an amazing composer, producer, arranger, and recording engineer, and designs amazing guitars that take jazz to the next level. He also has great keyboard and bass chops

He produced, recorded and played our first album and mentored M2 as a sound engineer, producer, musician, and human being.

Jim Juhn started his musical journey in Cleveland, Ohio at the time he was old enough to reach the keys on the piano. Jim's first instrument was piano, learning to read music and basic theory in the 3rd and 4th grade. He was introduced to the electric guitar and amplification with reverb and tremolo He learned to play fairly well quickly , playing parties and dances under the band names "Freeway" "Welfare Limousine" "The Rooftop Jammers" " Bombers Moon" " Rapid Transit" and "Strange New Flesh", during his high school years ."

During the last few years, Jim has done sessions as guitarist for many hip-hop artists. Jim worked with and wrote and recorded with the world famous late Rap Legend Mac Dre on his last album " Genie in the Lamp "...yep that's Jim on guitar live (not sampled )this album also featured B-Legit and DJ Harm.

Jim also plays guitar and keys on bay area world beat r&b hip hop artist James Henry's solo album CDs, which also feature bassist Kai Ekhardt from {John Mcglaughlin Trio} and the West African Singers as well as many of the bay areas most talented R&B players.

During the past several years Jim has also done a significant amount of recording and mastering for a number of bay area groups which would include Green House Effect "Total Sonic Fuzzdom", Fuzzplow, SpaceGrass, AGE of Aggression, the Houligans, Flair, Kehoe Nation, Jim Juhn Trio Live, Marc Paley, John Santos, the Catalyst as well as playing guitar and mastering the reggae group Jahmana "Speak No Evil" and others...

You can hear Jim's hip-hop stunt guitar on Mac Dre's album "The Genie of the Lamp"


BASSist stephen paul goodwin guests on 3 woRld On FiRe Tracks





September 20, 2018

Stephen with Journey Unauthorized in Los Angeles this summer an just today on a boat in Dubai 

We are honored to have stellar bassist Stephen Goodwin on three of our tracks on upcoming World On Fire. Right at this moment, Stephen is in the Middle East holding down the low end for Journey Unauthorized, playing gigs for US military and other events. Stephen's technique is formidable, every note he plays is with intent and with specific dynamics. Even though dynamics get evened out with compression, his detailed dynamic approach affects the timbre and shape of each note.  He not only laid down killer tracks, but he also has a unique bass head with filters and processing and played some stuff that mere mortals will think are synth parts

Stephen plays on These Boots Were Made For Walking, Galaxy Girl and Sex Bot 

Perhaps best known for his work with the classic metal band Vicious Rumors, Stephen Paul Goodwin can be found in a plethora of situations and has been seen playing or recording with many known artists such as Terry Burell (Duke Ellington), Brad Gillis (Night Ranger/Ozzy), Eric Peterson (Testament), Omnesia, Steve Smyth (Nevermore, Dragonlord), Will Carol (Death Angel), Salar Nader (Gypsy Kings), Eric Barnett (Points North), Mick Mestec (Tower Of Power, Cold Blood), Green Jelly, Sticks (Four Tops, Temptations), & Phil Bennett (Starship). He has shared stages with the best in the business such as Black Sabbath, Dio, Nazareth, Uriah Heep, WAR, Hammerfall, Twisted Sister, WASP, Immortal, The Guess Who, Accept, etc et al. A graduate of Los Angeles Music Academy, Stephen lives and teaches in Oakland, CA

Earlier this year Stephen blazed his way through on a tour with FROM HELL

  • Bass and Vox at Jon Otis & BluBeatz

  • Bassist at FROM HELL

  • Bassist at Diablo Dukes

  • bassist/vocalist at Journey Unauthorized

  • Former Bassist at Vicious Rumors

  • Studied Bass Guitar at Los Angeles Music Academy (LAMA)

Meet Rob Brown of Axis Guitars, who made M2 a wizard's guitar featured heavily on our upcoming album: World on Fire


September  19, 2018

As we get ready to release our new album "World on Fire", Omnesia gives a huge shout out to Rob Brown of Axis Guitars. He made me a guitar that goes to outer space... 

Rob is an amazing luthier and also one of the best people I have ever met. He works with some of the greatest guitarists in the world, including James Hetfield (Metallica) Kirk Hammett (Metallica) Robert Trujillo (Metallica) Jason Newsted (solo), Joe Satriani and Jason Becker. 

For a look at lots of other great musicians who work with Axis Guitars go here: 

He took my guitar and transformed it into a wizard's wand 

My guitar sounds and tones on this album rely heavily on Roland VG-99 and Boss GP-10 units that require a special pickup with six micro-pickups, one for each string. This lets me choose any tuning I want without touching the tuning pegs or strapping on a different guitar. it also allows me to model guitars, pickups and every piece of gear in a musician's arsenal down to speakers and mic placement. 

Like folks I admire like Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp, Dweezil Zappa, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai I also use a special sustainer pickup at the neck, which sounds like a nice Strat voiced pickup until I pull up on a knob, where it turns into infinite sustain for clean sounds and infinite feedback of different shapes and colors. 

Add the whammy bar and the Gotoh locking tuning pegs, with a Fender Lace in the middle and a Satriani Mo' Bucker at the bridge and I have an Adrian Belew-esque Frankenstein axe that surfs huge tonal waves... 

I cannot thank Rob enough for his expertise, advice, and friendship. His Australian Cattle dog Bodhi might be the greatest canine ever. 

Here's Rob telling it like it is 

New album out soon, drums recorded here

September 17, 2018

It was an honor to record drummer Robert John Tucker at Chub Studios with producer Damion Gallegos at the help. A founding member of Fungo Mungo, Damian has produced Boots Riley and The Coup and produced, recorded, performed on and co-composed the #1 soundtrack for Riley's amazing new film Sorry To Bother You. Our new album World On Fire out soon...

How lucky are we that this superstar appears on our new album out soon? Very very lucky indeed.

September 14, 2008

We are stoked that Phil Bennett has played sensational keyboards on our albums over the years and he appears on our upcoming album on the song System. Phil has played with so many superstars over the years that it beggars belief. He is the keyboardist and vocalist for one of history's greatest bands, Starship, which got its start as Jefferson Airplane and then became Jefferson Starship. The first song he recorded with Omnesia was Pain is Better and you can hear his ridiculous pyrotechnics here: "pain is better"


And here he is going wild with Starship. https://youtu.be/xegmQwyITlA

Omnesia ranked #1 on coverium globally for covers of Kate Bush, Nancy Sinatra and Gary Numan

September 12, 2018

Thrilled to announce that over on CoveriumOmnesia has the world's number one video covers currently for three different artists, Gary Numan, Kate Bush, and Nancy Sinatra


DRUMMER Robert john tucker guests on upcoming album world oN Fire

September 12, 2018

So much thanks to our longtime friend and collaborator Robert John Tucker who drums on 7 of the 14 tracks on our upcoming Omnesia album World On Fire, and also recorded tracks in these sessions for our next album after that! Rob tours with Jason Newsted's new band as well as Thaddeus Gonzalez, Romeo Void and Felsen. If that wasn't enough Rob and his wife Aurelia are famed in SF for their gorgeous concert and theater posters and chalkboard menu art. Rob is creating our CD art. View their Serpentes Design FB page

Here is Rob with a very recent gig with Jason Newsted, and with Thaddeus Gonzalez




August 4, 2018 - Omnesia covers Kate BUSH

August 4, 2018 

As we prepare to release our new album World On Fire, Omnesia wanted to honor one of our most favorite artists, the incomparable Kate Bush

200 songs written by age 14. 

First woman in history to set up her own label, build her own recording studio and first woman in UK history to earn a self-penned #1 hit. 

She has the voice of an angel with multiple persona’s and an incredible range. Her videos were groundbreaking, intense, edgy, gorgeous visuals and her phenomenal modern dancing. mime, theater, costumes and personas were amazing. You can hear that her verse and chorus persona’s are two different things. She was never herself. She created unique characters for each of her musical stories... 

She broke all the rules in songwriting and performance, and inspired a generation of powerful, woke female artists. Decades later with the advent of sampled music, she is one of the world’s most sampled artists, with 75 musical acts having recorded songs that used samples of her music. 

In 2014 she came out of retirement with Before the Dawn, a concert residency by British 4 at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. The residency consisted of 22 dates; it was Bush's first series of live shows since her first tour in 1979, which finished with three performances at the same venue. She spent weeks filming the video content that was used in this immersive performance. She spent an entire day floating in a tank of water to film the images for her song about drowning. Her voice was as amazing as the day the world first discovered her. Musical royalty from around the world flew in to London to see multiple shows. Sting and Elton John went 7 times. To see a riveting documentary about her, go here: 


Medella and I were delighted to discover that we both had the same Kate Bush song on our bucket list. 

So here it is, Omnesia covers Kate Bush “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) from her album Hounds of Love. The song was originally titled “A Deal With God” but American radio stations refused to play the song with that title. Bush then changed it to Running Up That Hill and the rest is history 

FYI, our guitarist received a lot of compliments for his work as the bearded gentleman. To set the record straight Medella Kingston plays both charaters in this video

cover song license: MLIC00007968 

Published By – EMI 

Published By – Kate Bush Music Publishing Ltd. 

Phonographic Copyright (p) – Novercia Ltd. 

Copyright (c) – Novercia Ltd. 

Record Company – EMI Electrola GmbH 

Printed By – 4P Nicolaus GmbH 

Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing Company LLC 

vocals and video creation: Medella Kingston 

music: M2 

Guest Artist - Robert John Tucker. 

Rob performs and records with: Omnesia, Jason Newsted (Metallica)  Chophouse Band, Wood and Steal. Deborah Iyall - Romeo Void. Thaddeus Gonzalez. Felsen. Sci-Fi. 

Produced and recorded by M2 @ M2 Musik Pub, Oakland, CA 

Drums recorded by Damion Gallegos at Chub Studios. Damion helped write and performed, recorded and mixed the soundtrack for the Bootz Riley movie "Sorry To Bother You"

Omnesia on WOATV Show, Love is Love on Episode 4 

Last week WOATV contacted us to to include our video "Love is Love" For Episode 4, Season 4 of their series. Show released about three hours ago! 

Medella produced the entire video all by her sexy self.

"The WOA TV Show - All Things Music has just completed a successful Season 3 of the Music TV Show (Licensed to major Networks and Cable TV). The show focuses on breakthrough Indie Artists from around the World. Watch the Season 3 Finale online at www.woatv.tv 

Conceptualized and Produced by MTV Europe Music…

Omnesia chosen for radio play in Goa and Mumbai, India 

Our fresh new cover of Gary Numan's "Are Friends Electric?" was chosen for commercial radio play in India by the syndicated W.O.A Radio show, That's AIR FM 105.4 FM in Goa and MUST FM 107.8 FM in Mumbai. We're stoked!

Formed in 1998 by MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee and International Musician and Filmmaker Oliver Sean, W.O.A International is a global entertainment company that continues to lead the way when it comes to how music should be promoted. They are pioneering International Independent music in…Read more

Our new freaky video for Crash 

From our new album Painkiller, here's a trippy track

Super sexy slow song about hot home-wrecking. Features honeyed vocals from Medella Kingston dripped over the lush synth and guitar work of M2. Great make out music!

Medella does some fun stuff in the dark with fishnet......

New Omnesia Video: We cover Gary Numan. We love Gary Numan. Are Friends Electric? 

Seminal synth rock pioneer. Had a punk band, Tubeway Army. Was recording in the studio. Gary saw a Moog Synth. Turned it on and pressed a key. Heard a huge growing bass note. Was immediately transformed. Wrote "Are Friends Electic?" Numan deliberately made the keyboards on this tune time like a drum beat 35 years later we reinterpreted this using layers of lush synths, huge gutia and having Medella's sultry voice replace Gary's distinctive throat. She doubles some of the synth lines with her voice.

We hope…Read more

Omnesia on WOSRadio this week: covering Gary Numan's "Are Friends Electric?" 

Just days away from releasing "Painkiller" we are happy to tell you we are playing on Woman of Substance Radio all this week. They chose our take on Gary Numan's "Are Friends Electric?" for "We've Got it Covered".

Like these strong women say:

This week we are debuting the next show of our fan-favorite series "We've Got It Covered", now in its 5th year. "Awesome 80s" show will run every Wed, Sat & Sun (3-7 PM Eastern, 12-4 PM Pacific) from October 2-13, 2013.   

Listen! www.WOSRadio.com. WOSRadio is high…Read more